GITCA Golf: Out Now

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GITCA Golf's main goal is to inspire everyone to golf more often and to truly appreciate each moment that we have been given with those special friends and family members that far too often we take for granted.  By reaching out more often to those closest to us, we can create magical moments on and off the course which can fill all of our hearts with joy and gratitude.  Everyone that has fully embraced the GITCA mindset has experienced renewed valor out on the links and with those nearest and dearest to their hearts.

"As I embark on the back nine of my own life, it is my goal to inspire everyone to experience far more of these engaging moments while at the same time being encouraged to give more of themselves to those needy souls in their own backyards and throughout the world.   By adopting an eternally grateful mindset for those that have sacrificed so much for us, we all should be motivated to give back whenever and wherever we can.  If we can provide hope to where once there was only despair, then many lives will be vastly improved, including our own.  By giving more of ourselves to others, all of our hearts will be full."

- Kelley Peter